NPSTORET Overview Videos


The following overview videos have been recorded as training tools to demonstrate some of the basics of NPSTORET v1.80.  The videos are meant to supplement the on-line help and printed documentation in the C:\NPSTORET\Help directory.  Click on the icon for the desired format (Microsoft Windows Media Video or Adobe Flash).


Overview Video



Adobe Flash

NPSTORET Main Switchboard

Projects Template

Stations Template

Metadata Template

Results Template

Reports & Statistics Template – Reports

Reports & Statistics Template – Statistics

Reports & Statistics Template – Graphs

Reports & Statistics Template – Export

Reports & Statistics Template – Google Earth

Reports & Statistics Template – WQX Export

Import Stations

Import Results – Row Major

Import Results – Column Major

Import Results – One Step Modern STORET

Import Results – One Step Legacy STORET

Import Results – One Step NWIS

Import Results – Update by Primary Key

Import Characteristic Definitions – Taxa Only

Import Characteristic Definitions

Import Removal


Configuration Options




To ensure satisfactory video playback, verify that:


·        Either the Windows Media Player (for .WMV files) or Adobe Flash Player (for Flash files) is installed

·        Screen resolution is set to at least1024x768

(right-click your desktop, click Properties,

click Settings, and use the slider control to

set the resolution)

·        Speakers are on with the volume up.



Notes on Windows Media Player:


Once the video commences in the Windows Media Player, press ‘Alt’ and ‘Enter’ at the same time or click the ‘View full screen’ icon () in the lower right corner to enlarge the Microsoft Media Player screen for optimal viewing.  Pressing ‘Esc’ or clicking the icon () will return you to ‘compact’ viewing mode.


Notes on Adobe Flash Player:


Once the video image appears, click () to begin playback.  Scroll down and click the view full screen icon () to enlarge the Adobe Flash Player screen for optimal viewing.  Press ‘Esc’ to exit full screen mode.